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About Naturism

About Naturism

Naturist clubs are usually in discreet locations scattered around the country. They allow people to socialise in nude recreation with others who prefer not to wear clothing. This can be for swimming, sunbathing, camping at volleyball etc.

Nudism, also called naturism, the practice of going without clothes, generally for reasons of health or comfort. Nudism is a social practice in which the sexes interact freely but commonly without engaging in sexual activities.


When going around a naturist club it’s expected that you carry a towel for sitting down anywhere. This includes the sauna, or for if you feel the need to cover anything up. Most naturist wear scandals of flip flops, which look better on you when your naked then trainers. Some like to wear a bum-back to keep money for the bar to make up for the lack of pockets.

What is Naturism?
Naturism (or nudism as it is sometimes called) is the enjoyment of everyday activities but without clothing. Good examples would be swimming, sunbathing, going to the beach, sports, and sauna.  Naturists believe that the human body is not offensive and that many activities lend themselves to such a lifestyle.

How can I find Naturist Clubs?
If you want to find naturist clubs in your area you can do that easily from the homepage. Select your region of the UK along with ‘clubs’ and then it will give you a list of clubs in your area.
Once you have found a naturist club that that is close to you, click on the link and it will take you to a page about the club along with the location details. Sometimes clubs are secretive about their location and only want to disclose their location if they know you are going to visit.

How do I get to a Naturist Club?
Getting to a naturist club is usually quite difficult unless as they are out in the countryside most of the time. If you don’t drive you are likely going to need a taxi to get you to the door. I have done this many times, no need to be embarrassed.

Why would you go to a naturist club?
They offer a place for like-minded people to socialise together without it bothering others. There are very few places where you can spend full days at a time walking around, swimming, socialising in the buff.

When do you go to a Naturist Club?
You can go to a naturist club time, even in winter, many clubs have indoor facilities you can enjoy year-round. But for most, they would rather go when it’s warmer and can make better use of the club and be able to walk around naked. There are naturists who have a caravan and treat it like home and look after the club while they are there.
If you want to go to a club when there is something on, it’s a good idea to look on their website to see what events are going on. This way it’s more likely you will meet others and make friends. There are occasionally events designed for women and for young naturists too.

Who goes to Naturist Clubs?
Well anyone really, families, couples, men, sometimes women but not as often as clubs would like.

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