11 May 2020

  •  Automatically applied discount for more streamlined registration
  • Feedback page link added to registration and confirmation page.
  • More card payments types accepted at check out.
  • Fixes to pages membership levels.
  • Feedback tab added to the top navigation bar
  • More sign up and login option on the homepage
  • A more eye-catching ‘Join FREE’ on the homepage
  • More members content added to the profile page
  • RSS feeds added onto ‘Your Profile’ page

12 May 2020

  • More clarity on privacy policy during registration
  • FAQs regarding privacy added to the registration page
  • Photo gallery layout improved in a grid / fullscreen
  • Layout fixes to the profile pages
  • Forums functionality added to the website
  • Groups added to the website
  • Quick feedback forms added to the website
  • Improved restrictions page for sign-ups
  • Access issue to the stories page fixed for members.