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My experience of the World Naked Bike Ride

My first WNBR

I found out about the World Naked Bike Ride and I combined two things I love, naturism and cycling. I read about it online and loved thought of riding around a city naked. It felt like it was not no much about naturism than a protest.

I knew the place and time and went there with my bike and met this friend I met on the WNBR Facebook group. Everyone were jointing the group and it was getting big enough that we all felt comfortable getting naked. Loads of people were photographing the spectacle and I was probably going to be online or maybe in the paper, naked!

It was all exciting and the crowd were really excited for us as we cycled around London. I did feel a little bit vulnerable which was the idea of the protest with the amount of cars on the road polluting the atmosphere and endangering cyclists.

As the evening went on the crowd mellowed and we got time to chat to each other and network a little. It was good to see the with embrace it and meet other likeminded people.

This was a really liberating experience and I’ve since been back to do it again and again and I would recommend it. Especially if you’re confident in your own skin and you don’t mind pictures of you going on Flickr or maybe the Metro!



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