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The beach is shingle along its length and reasonably narrow. It shelves quite steeply down to the sea – you’ll definitely want to bring something to lie on and some shoes / sandals if you’re planning to move about the beach.

From the access path to the beach, there is around 1.5 km of perfectly usable beach as you head East, so plenty of space for everyone – although the beach gets quieter the further you go from the access path. There are some reasonably large rocks on the beach itself, but its possible to get around these without too many problems.

There is a path which runs directly above and behind the beach which may be helpful if you’re planning to head East from the access path and don’t fancy walking along the shingle.

The beach is sheltered and safe for swimming, although the water shelves very quickly which might be a problem for less strong swimmers. This also sometimes leads to waves breaking quite abruptly, which again might be a problem for some.

There are no facilities on the beach. The nearest public toilets are in the car park.


The beach has been long established for naturism and has a couple of DIY ‘FKK’ signs in place along the access path. It isn’t currently ‘official’ (not that that makes any difference) but has been in the past. When I’ve visited the beach has been mixed between naturists and non naturists – but with naturists in the majority. As you go further East from the access path, the beach becomes progressively more naturist.

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