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Kenfig Burrows aka Sker Beach

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Kenfig Burrows are popular with locals but do not get the attention they deserve. It is a beautiful, clean and tranquil place, with plenty of room to spread out for those who wish to be alone, or larger areas for those who want to socialise. It can be reached at any time, – access being gained from the landward side – and there is no hurry to leave because the shingle prevents the sea from cutting you off at high tide. In ‘Free Sun’ the beach was described as “an excellent beach and huge area [of] unfrequented sand dunes”. The beach is in easy reach of B&B’s, campsites etc etc.

Note that swimming conditions may be dangerous – especially near the river. As always, local information should be sought before risking life and limb.

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  • Facilities for the naturist club, campsite, swim or beach
  • Getting here by car, public transport and bicycle
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