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24 Naturist Stories – May 2020 to Jan 2023 (18+)


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24 Naturist Stories

May 21st 2020 to January 16th 2023

24 naturist stories from naturists and nudists around the world, some of them are quite juicy and explicit.

The book is a PDF document download with 32 pages of naturist stories with insight into what it’s like being a naturist and what some like to get up to and the situations they find themselves in.



Sample story

Are you male or female?

Male and female

What age group are you in?


Which city and country are you from?

Buckinghamshire, UK

Tell me about when you became a naturist, how did you find out about it, and what inspired you to try it out?

It was 4 June 1978. My wife was nearly 29 and I was 31, married for slightly less than two years. We were having a short break in Denmark and drove to a beach on the west coast. Cars drove onto the beach and could park anywhere. We could see that everyone (probably about 50 people) were naked and we thought it looked fun. We parked up and literally had no second thoughts about undressing because it seemed to be the thing to do. We sat on a blanket to eat our lunch and afterward sunbathed and swam. It was a wonderful day that started our lives as naturists 44 years ago! We still have photographs of that first public nudist experience. Happy memories.

What did you do for your first nudist experience, what naturist activities have you done since then and what are some that you plan to do in the future?

After that, we also tried to pick holiday destinations where we could drive to naturist beaches in mainland Europe. We’d also find nice remote houses with pools to rent in the countryside where we could be naked as and when we chose. Apart from sightseeing, we’d split our time being naked at the houses and on beaches. They tended to be 2-3 week holidays. The joy of this arrangement is that with good Mediterranean weather, we’ve spent many happy days naked 24/7 and naked quite literally for 3-4 days at a time. There’s nothing quite like getting up naked in the morning, having breakfast in glorious sunshine, and then having a slow day in and out of the pool and culminating in naked barbecues before repeating the process the following day. Clothes packing for these holidays was always quick and easy.

We don’t like organised holidays and prefer to self-cater. And so we’ve never been to naturist resorts or clubs.

Covid in 2020 forced us to cancel a holiday in Sicily and because of obvious risks, we didn’t try to book places in 2021 or 2022. But we’ve contented ourselves with naked time in our own garden when the weather has allowed. 2022 has not been a good year for naked time so far.


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