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The Reluctant Nudist: Young Woman’s Nude Story

And so it begins!

I’ve been asked by a good friend of mine to provide a personal account about being nude and to truly describe how it feels. So the only way to write this from the heart is to strip down to my birthday suit (apart from slippers- my feet are cold!)

It’s strange. It really feels strange. To be naked and not jump in the shower or have sex- is quite a surreal feeling; especially as I’ve just gone and made myself a cuppa! I’m in the confines of my own home and yet I get a slight paranoid sense that the police are going to bust in at any moment and tell me off for flashing! You see, up until now I’ve never even given it a thought about being naked at home. For starters I live alone so no restrictions on that score to scare anyone else in the household. So why try now?

To be honest it’s curiosity. I call myself the reluctant nudist because I’m rather self-conscious, just like millions of people are, of their bodies. Definitely not one who is comfortable enough to attend a nudist beach, let alone go topless on holiday! Being nude at home is one thing; being nude in public is a whole different ball game.

We live in a world where we feel judged for every little thing that we do, say, wear etc and because of this my reluctance of being seen nude in public is pretty strong.  I can stand naked in front of the mirror and notice the double chins, droopy boobs and my pear shape figure has an additional muffin shelf attached but I will never beat myself up about these features- because they are mine. I’ve come to terms with being a large woman- but that’s with clothes on and black clothing hides a multitude of sins.  But we all have bodies. Some small, some big, thin, fat, boobs, moobs, different lumps and bumps- you name it we all have one and we only get one of these precious structures once in our lifetime.

By personal choice you can spend thousands of pounds altering it; nip/ tuck/lift/ pin back- money has endless possibilities to achieve the ‘perfect body’. For others, it’s for the process of ageing to happen naturally. Cellulite when you haven’t had children, grey hair before your thirty- every body has its own journey and sometimes its own mind!

After thinking this through for an hour or so- the feeling of being nude doesn’t feel that bad after all. Participating in housework “in the noddy” seems fine. Still aware of being near windows and cooking is a pursuit I wish to avoid (spitting oil from the pan) but I’ve come to the conclusion that behind closed doors everyone is a secret nudist at heart- or a reluctant one. For the secret nudists at heart- your secret is safe with me! For the reluctant nudists- give it a go!

All I can say is try it with an open mind, even if it’s just for an hour. Once you get over the liberating and strange feeling of being nude (and abit chilly)- it’s amazing how you can feel comfortable in your own skin and go from feeling reluctant to willing. On a personal note I feel the human body is an incredible machine and a beautiful one at that. We should be truly proud when we look in the mirror and see beyond our imperfections and appreciate who we are on the outside. No two people have the same fingerprints, wrinkles, stretch marks, freckles…the list is endless! Since my teen years I have always believed in natural beauty; nothing false and I haven’t a clue what make-up is! Perhaps as we are all living in unsettling times at the moment, take a little moment for yourself and give it a try.

They say ‘you have to try these things in life’. Be brave and surprise yourself, I have!?



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