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COVID-19 UPDATE: No classes in NYC/Boston/Seattle until further notice.
Start your at-home Naked! yoga practice + SUPPORT US on our PATREON!


Get alerts about our online Beginner’s Guide to Naked! Yoga HERE.

Online Classes

Join us online from the comfort of home!

Practice Naked! Yoga from home with our Patreon, and check out our
FREE not-Naked! Live-Stream Yoga & Pilates classes on Youtube!

CLICK HERE for our Online Class Google Calendar!

Naked! Yoga Online Classes with Patreon!

ACCESSIBILITY NOTE: Willow is learning ASL and has started adding signs to Live-Streams to better assist folks who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.SIGN UP NOW!

With the growing demand for online resources, we created a Patreon to bring our classes to you! Our online classes provide a great opportunity to begin or maintain your at-home Naked! Yoga practice, especially for those not ready to join us live.

YOU WON’T BE ON CAMERA FOR LIVE-STREAMS! Willow will be the only person doing Naked! Yoga on the Live-Streams (with the exception of the occasional demonstrator), so your practice will remain in the privacy of your own space!

Here’s how it works: become a patron by contributing a certain amount of money per month (as little as $5!). We use that money to make exclusive Naked! content like audio recordings of classes, detailed instructional videos, and Live-Stream classes. Willow even offers private Skype sessions! Our patrons’ financial contributions help Naked in Motion stay operational and allow the business to grow!
We <3 our patrons!!!

Naked in Motion is a small business that, like many others, will face financial challenges due to the loss of class income from Covid-19 social distancing, so we greatly appreciate your support as we work through these challenging times.

We recently launched a series of FREE not-Naked! Live-Stream Yoga & Pilates classes on Youtube!

Follow along with Willow for FREE! She has to wear clothes for these public online classes, but we encourage practicing Naked!
Below are a few classes, and you can check out our Youtube page for upcoming Live-Streams and watch re-plays of past ones. The classes are open-level and vary quite a bit, so we include a caption description so you know what to expect.

ACCESSIBILITY NOTE: Willow is learning ASL and has started adding signs to Live-Streams to better assist folks who are deaf or hard-of-hearing.

For all our instructional content: Viewer discretion is advised. You are responsible for knowing your limits! Always listen to your body and make decisions that work for you. Skip anything you want, and take breaks when you need to. If something hurts, stop. Remember, more is not better, it’s just MORE.

Yoga & Pilates combination class for all levels! Lots of Options, and Willow’s ASL is improving.

Shorter “Express class” for a more brisk workout. We’ll do about 30 minutes of yoga asana and Pilates.

A special “Half n’ Half” class: 30 minutes yoga + 30 minutes meditation/savasana for all levels

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