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  1. Nik Nudist


    Firstly, thanks for setting up a site for those of us who enjoy life without clothing, or who want to learn more about this way of life. Its always good to have more ways for us to be in contact with others who like being nude.

    I’ve been a nudist since my teens, I use ‘nudist’ because that is what the people who introduced me to social nudity in my teens called themselves. Nudist is just a word to me that describes my preferred way of living, I interchange another word, naturist, with it frequently. I agree with your statement on this site that FKK actually described living naked very well, our bodies are free.

    As with all site that are based around living clothing free there is always the risk of it having issues with people who confuse naturism/nudism with sexual activity. So far in my visits to your site I haven’t seen any obvious indications that people here confuse the two, so congratulations on managing that.

    I live near a few nude beaches and have a good circle of friends who visit them too. Previously I lived in London and there it was much harder to meet others who share my preference for living naked. Here I don’t visit naturist clubs and venues as much as I did in London, though I have recently had a very enjoyable stay at the Naturist Foundation, again. I think your site needs to help people in the various situations we find ourselves in, those who have well-established naturist friendships and those who are starting to enjoy living and/or socialising without clothing. You have some reports and reviews on naturist venues but this could be increased so as its fairly comprehensive for the UK.

    I’m not a paying member so I cannot comment on what is beyond the paywall, there is an international section, does this list naturist locations around the world. With foreign travel restricted currently due to Covid-19 are there many naturists wanting to risk having to quarantine for 14 days on their return from a foreign naturist trip. If so is it better to concentrate for now on making this site more informative for UK naturists who stay more local? As for paying(and obviously helping to cover any site costs) I’d want to know more about what I may get if I did join. The monthly payment option is quite a good idea, rather than paying annually only, so as prospective members can see what they are getting for their money.

    These are just a few thoughts for now. I’d be quite happy to discuss them, and other points, more thoroughly with you.


    1. Admin Listing Owner

      Hi Nik,
      Thank you for your feedback, I’ll go through responding to each paragraph.

      1) Thank you, I’m pleased you have found the website and it’s of interest. I hope it will help you meet others and find out more about naturist stuff to do in the UK.

      2) Sure, people call us nudist and naturist interchangeably and I’m not making a judgement on that. I’ve been to Germany where it isn’t labeled so much and younger people might appreciate that.

      3) Thank you, I don’t want it to be a sexual website. Even if it may have people who are attractive looking, like any website often chooses to add. Nobody is engaging in any funny business easily found elsewhere on the web.

      4) I can appreciate different areas of the country have different pros and cons. I’ve lived in London and there are clubs I’ve mentioned. I also live on the South Coast and have talked about beaches as well. Yes, also the Naturist Foundation is a favourite club of mine as they are always welcoming.
      I’ve got lots of clubs added and yesterday reviewed all the naturist clubs I have and added more. Often calling them up to ask what their situation is at the moment so you don’t have to.

      The website has a social networking facility so you can meet other naturists online. I’ve worked hard on removing spammers and now added the deposit and scam accounts can’t be bothered with adding card details.

      I’m looking to have more reviews on clubs and you’re welcome to add your reviews. As you can see other visitors can add reviews and this will only improve over time. Thank you for adding your. Ideally I would import existing ones from Google but this heavily affects the load time of the site. What I’m thinking of is adding snapshots of Google reviews as a workaround. I will endeavour to work on that.

      5) The international section is for naturist stories and experiences from other naturists. It’s not of other clubs around the world, this would certainly spread myself too thin. Also, finding out each and every one of their lockdown situations would take a lot of time when all might be much better come Spring. I’m not endorsing foreign travel as I’m aware of pandemic, if anything helping your interest in staying in the UK.

      I have made some pages now for paid members on the clubs that are open year round, ones just for members and ones that are reopening next year. This really help you cut through the noise and see what’s happening.

      For right now I have lots of details on online events while any clubs that have opened are now closed for the season. This is from lots of research of online events around the world (not just the BN ones). Benefit of this is that it’s available from the safety of your home 24/7.

      I’ve added some details on places I’ve added some places for free members too that I either know are still open or at least don’t say they are not. This is a handful of places and will work on being as detailed on them as I can.

      Thank you, yes the monthly payment is a good option if after reading the join page you are still unsure on the benefits listed. It’s only £1.79 a month and there is a 30 day money back guarantee that’s agreed during sign up. This helps me to work on keeping your interest as a customer and costs same as cheapest coffee in town. If it doesn’t you can tell me why and will work on improving it for you. If I can’t improve on it within 30 days you’re welcome to leave and I’ll still keep working on it if you decide to come back later.

      6) Hopefully I’ve answered you feedback well. I know it’s a uncertain times and hours or research one month might change the next. I have reviewed the clubs and added more details and will continue to do so for paid members, while having some details for free members. I will perhaps write a couple of articles To help new naturists and longtime naturist as well as you mentioned.
      Please let me know if this has helped and have perhaps kindled your interest?

      Many thanks

      Admin @ Free Body Culture