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All ads are subject to moderation, and should appear on this page within 48 working hours. Advertisers and respondents MUST be genuine and courteous, and no adverts of an offensive or overtly sexual nature will be allowed. Please note this page is for personal ads (people seeking friendship or relationships) only – NOT businesses or people providing paid services to customers.

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DISCLAIMER: Please do not contact us complaining about timewasters; we are not responsible for them and can do nothing about them, apart from wish they would go away! If you are the victim of harassment or other criminal behaviour, or suspect any criminal activity, you should always report this to the police or relevant authorities, and we will deal with them directly. We are NOT responsible for the behaviour of individuals advertising on this page, or any matters arising from placing adverts, and we will NOT enter into any personal disputes – you place an advert at your own risk, and you meet people at your own risk.

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