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Fraisthorpe is a flat, sandy beach in the East Riding area of Yorkshire. It forms part of Bridlington Bay, a sandy stretch of coastline that stretches on for many miles southwards, down to the Humber Estuary. … It is also a popular beach for kite-surfing thanks to the wide, relatively flat expanse of sand.

Fraisthorpe Beach has a long history of nude use, and for a time the beach—or at least a short stretch of it—enjoyed an officially protected designation for naturist use. Unfortunately, that protection was revoked it the late 90’s, reportedly due to an excess of indiscreet activity. The intervening years have seen a series of “no nudity” signs being posted and then removed, challenges by nudists and occasional attempts by authorities to enforce the nudity ban (although not with heavy-handed tactics).

As with many other cases where nudists are told they can’t be naked anymore, this beach seems to be in an extended state of naturist limbo. Big crowds of nudists have disappeared, but nude bathing has not ceased altogether. Nudity is more likely to occur on quiet days.

Nudist Compass

When you reach the parking area next to Auburn Farm, there is access to the beach at the mouth of a small stream. Turn right on the beach and walk south for just under one mile, and you will reach the mouth of a larger stream. This is an easily identifiable landmark since the stream cuts a prominent gully that interrupts the low clay cliff behind the beach. What used to be the designated nude area begins just beyond the stream outlet and extends about 300 yards. Be sure not to stray too far south of the stream outlet while nude. The caravan park at Barmston is a mile farther south, so staying near the stream outlet allows a buffer of about a mile in both directions.



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‘Fraisethorpe beach is still well used by naturists though the area traditionally so near the large concrete pill-box has now shifted slightly further South adjacent to Earls Dyke, the small river that enters the sea across the beach. The Council still asserts that it is not a naturist location, puts responsibility onto Barmston & Fraisethorpe Parish Council who say they have handed the issue over to Smiths Gore, a company of land agents who do not want to get involved. All a bit tangled. The legal situation clarified after a series of meetings between Humberside Police and the local beach action group (Fraisethorpe Naturist Action) was that under the 2004 Sexual Offences Act this beach and others of a like kind were “places of traditional naturist recreation”. The Police retained the right to investigate any complaint of a potentially criminal nature but this should not include simple nude use of the beach and could include harassment of naturists by members of the public. Any other action by the Police should be reported to FNA ( or as a complaint direct to the Humberside Police Chief Constable. Compliance with any Police requests is urged with a note made of the collar number/s, date, time etc and general circumstances, with the point being made to the police staff at the time that compliance is only under protest and will be followed up.. FNA would appreciate being kept in the loop!’ commented Anonymous on Fraisthorpe Beach.

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