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Gunton Sands (Corton Beach)

The beach is described as being a about 100 yards in length, not very wide and composed of stones, gravel with some patches of sand here and there. Running along the back of the beach is a high grassy ridge, sloping sharply down to a concrete sea defence wall used as a path. Wooden breakwater barriers divide the beach, and come quite close to the sea wall, giving quite a narrow beach at high tide. Non-naturists must walk through the naturist part to get to their part of the beach, either between the ends of the breakwater barriers and the sea in front of you, or on the concrete sea defence path behind you. You are also overlooked from the rearby a small holiday caravan park. Other visitors are less complimentary: “[redacted] it was a very weird vibe and I was feeling quite paranoid quite quickly… the beach is pretty gruesome itself and the sea is not at all nice (sewage outfall actually comes down through the beach, although this is rarely obvious” “Clientel when I’ve been there is a mix of folk – the odd couple [and] singles – its not a family beach – no sand. In my view this is a great shame.. all along this coastline there’s loads and loads of wonderful sandy beach – some of it pristine clean – and where do they put the naturist section? Where you wouldnt want to go ! My advice – for what its worth – dont go [to Corton]… go to eaither Holkham if you want an official beach, or go to Winterton dunes (but if you do please respect that its not an official beach and is a major bird reserve) Facilities: A recent visitor reports that the caravan selling hot drinks etc in the car park was no longer present. Toilets are signposted from the car park. It is also reported that “the shop is under new management, blessed with a complete and much needed refurb, they do teas and coffees (china cups I might add) and hot and cold food to eat in or take away.” Anything else you could possibly want available in Lowestoft. Camping: Many visiting naturists stay at the ‘Azure Seas’ textile camp site, ideally placed close to the beach. Local Tourist Information Office: tel 01502 565989. Source   Being just north of Lowestoft, which is Britain’s most easterly point means it can get a little breezy here. The beach itself is a mix of coarse sand and shingle which is divided up by wooden groins. To the rear of the beach is a large grassy area separated from the beach by a concrete walkway. Corton has officially designated a naturist beach back in 1979. However, for various reasons, this was withdrawn back in 2009. As it stands the council has not allocated any further naturist beaches in the area, but they have also revoked a by-law that prohibited naturists from using other local beaches.
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