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Kinshaldy Beach, Tentsmuir Forest

Just outside St Andrews, Kinshaldy beach is a popular day out for families from Fife and further afield, accessible via the long winding road through Leuchers, and the dense pine forest of Tentsmuir before reaching the high sand dunes before the beach. The forest and nature reserve cover 50 square miles in all and the beach is large, but it can get extremely busy when the sun shines with queues for parking forming early. However, the three miles of white sand somehow manage to absorb the crowds and are ideal for sunbathing – though the fast-moving tides mean it’s unadvisable to swim. Behind the beach, there are benches and barbecue stations on a field in one of the forest openings. and there are marked walks and cycle routes through the forest, where it’s possible to spot red squirrels, deer and several species of bats. You can also see some World War Two defences along the beach – concrete blocks known as ‘Dragons’ Teeth’ – beyond which you can often see the basking grey seals.



3 years ago

Kinshaldy Beach is a long beach that extends over 4 miles, and most of it is backed by the Tentsmuir Forest. There is just one parking lot, located in the central area of the beach, and the beach is little used away from this access point. Although nudity has been reported on both ends of the beach, nude bathing occurs mostly on the south end, toward the mouth of the River Eden. (The forested area north of the parking lot is crisscrossed by walking trails, making the north end of the beach closer to areas visited by textile strollers.)

From the parking area, as you walk toward the beach you’ll soon see a small footbridge to your right that crosses a small stream that runs across the beach. Cross this bridge. At this point, you’ll be at the border of the forest and the dunes, facing south. You can either go through the dunes or go to the open beach. Continue south about 20 to 30 minutes. A barrel-size blue and yellow cylinder is a landmark for finding the start of the unofficial nude area. Nudity occurs both on the open beach and in the dunes. Attendance is light, and core users are gay men.



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  1. Admin

    ‘Was fairly warm but quite breezy today. Had to weigh my towel down with my shoes and bag to stop it blowing away.

    Very quiet. Naturist wise I Only saw two couples, and a couple of guys. Were virtually no dog walkers, which was great with it being breezy. I spent the whole time paddling in the sea, or taking lengthy beach walks in both directions to ensure I stayed warm.

    Initially I was far along to the right, where it’s quite flat, but later afternoon I headed back nearer the car park to get a sheltered spot in a dune. Managed into the sea twice from there for a paddle in the hour or so I spent there. A family of 5 with a dog appeared suddenly from the rear of the dunes while I was standing up checking for beach walkers. They must have been used to the area as they continued down towards the beach and passed within 10 yards or so of a sunbathing couple and didn’t bat an eyelid which I thought was great.

    The female of the other couple got surprised earlier on in the day. She was heading towards the sea, and hadn’t seen me walking along the beach (still clothed as I was heading quite far along to catch some sun). She hesitated, and returned to her towel which was a shame. If anything similar happens again I’ll wave as if to say “hi” to make it obvious I’m not offended. Hope she managed to get into the water later on.

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