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Gunwalloe Cove, Cornwall (No swimming)

The first ‘unofficial’ naturist area of South Cornwall can be found in Mounts Bay at Kenneggy Cove, about four miles east of Penzance. Take the A394 for Helston and after driving through Rosudgeon you will see the Sports Club on your right. Turn right very soon after that into a lane marked ‘dead end’. Continue down as far as you can until it turns rough and park in tight on the side of the lane. Carry on by foot down the lane which narrows and you eventually reach the South Cornwall stretch of the coastal footpath.

Turn left and continue along there until you see the steep path leading down to the beach. Access to the beach for the last two or three metres used to be by rope. I visited there on 16 March 2007 and access to the beach was closed and workmen seemed to be putting in some form of steps. This will obviously make access easier and the beach more popular.

Kenneggy from headland Once on the beach I used to head over to the left-hand rocks. There is a little inlet there where I would naturist sunbathe, but with discretion. If this was not possible I would climb over the rocks to the left where it was always possible to naturist sunbathe. As with many beaches and rocks it is necessary to keep an eye on the tides. As this beach is tucked right in the heart of Mounts Bay and shelves gently it is one of the safer beaches to swim from.


The tiny church of St Wynwallow, with a detached tower set into the solid rock of the headland, is located to the north side of the beach hence the name Church Cove.   Google reviews Michael bird Local Guide·33 reviews·24 photos 3 months ago Great place for rock pooling the kids love it. Beware of the sea here DO NOT go swimming here it’s very dangerous it has a huge drop off with a strong undercurrent Ewan Baxter Local Guide·202 reviews·241 photos 3 months ago This beach is very long, when the tide is out it is a mile long but it is pea shingle and course sand. Limited parking nearby. Two pill boxes guarded this beach if you can spot them. Graham Woods Local Guide·184 reviews·254 photos 7 months ago Beautiful beach. Very rough, no swimming or surfing allowed.

Quiet and empty

Reviewed October 8, 2015

This is a beautiful pebble beach with sand down by the water. It goes for miles along to Porthleven to which you can walk along from Gunwalloe. It is also a nudist beach but we’ve only ever seen about 4 people and they are hiding behind their windbreakers. Lovely mini coves to sit/lie in as they are sheltered from any wind. You can imagine you are alone and generally you are as this beach is so deep and long. Not many know of its existence. Lovely.

Date of experience: September 2015

South West England


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