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My Hot Curvy Hispanic Woman Experience

I was at a small naturist spa in London where you’re only meant to relax naked in a non-sexual way. In my opinions, such spurs are one way in which a person can get to relax. Get your mind off things and get to be in “your own skin” to say the least. At the time I was there at a friend’s party and we were all naked. At such a spur and at such a moment the only thing that was on my mind is to have fun. It’s easy to tell it is also the only thing that people around would think about too. Here no one really gave a care in the world about anybody’s insecurity or anything of the sort. It’s was a party just like any other for us. It would have been hard to even stop and stare. If you were to ask me, such parties are the best. Where you do not have to give a care in the world about what other people will think about how you are dressed. I mean you barely even need time to dress to impress. At this party, everyone was naked and without a worry about it. This literally just adds to the fun!

My friend lost his locker key and while that was going on, I noticed this Curvy Hispanic woman lapping up the attention, of the naughty kind. You might think I was paying attention to her the whole time but trust me I was not. As a matter of fact, there were plenty of women that one could easily be drawn to. The thing with this hot woman was that she wanted to be seen and noticed, and she made it hard not to look her way trust me. In the spa, you’re not meant to engage in sexual activities but she was giving guys hand jobs in the sauna and sex in the steam room! I mean you could think that it’s something that a person could easily ignore but trust me it was not. She was stunningly hot to say the very least. Her body would have been enough to steal anyone’s attention but the fact that she was doing all this made it even harder for me not to look her way. I wouldn’t normally do this as I’m a genuine naturist only this time; I made use of my friends’ attention being elsewhere and went into the sauna where she was giving hand jobs. Now trust me when I say my friend is a cool guy, but knowing me, I was definitely going to have more fun without him looking my way. Plus a little privacy goes a long way.

I have a big dick so it’s not that discreet when I’m hard. In normal circumstance this is something I would boast about, still is actually. What I wouldn’t have wanted her to think is that she was so irresistible, which she was though. We were looking out for spa staff not to see us. For everyone else being seen would have meant being sent out of the spa, which no one would have wanted. I mean I don’t imagine any man would walk out on free hand jobs and ex and still afford a smile on one’s face. For me, it might have meant my friend finding out what had happened and trust me I did not want that to happen. As it would turn out, the curve Hispanic woman was nowhere close to being done, she was then having sex with several men in the steam room riding up and down on their laps; I declined as I didn’t have a condom which didn’t stop some people. Now, this is something that should paint a very clear picture of the kind of person I am. I mean it does not really matter how drunk I am or how curvy a woman is, I have boundaries, and in this case, a condom was very much necessary.

The adrenaline was running through me and my cock was hard and I was trying to cover it up with my towel. This is one of those scenarios where you just wish cocks didn’t have a mind of their own. I mean I was so hard it’s almost like my cock wanted to be shown full attention. You know how you go to a party and you know you are the most sharply dressed, somehow my cock knew it was the biggest there and wanted that to be known. Well, my cocks plan turned out to be successful and soon it was her smiling at what she saw. I mean as I had mentioned before, I have alpha cock.  We then went to a lounge area, just off the main hallway between the main lounge and the facilities. This was a classic case of reciprocation, we both had liked what we saw and we were definitely not planning on letting it pass. We had to be discreet even though everyone’s attention still on finding the keys. We did not want anything ruining what was bound to come next. Seeing as how she kept looking at me I could tell she wanted to know what I taste like. I mean it’s obvious he liked my dick more than she did me. She is a person that left the impression that she always gets what she wants and lets nothing get in her way. This time, there was nothing getting between her, and finding out what my cock tasted like. She had a sort of evil look on her face, the hot kind of evil, creating an impression that she did not just plan on having fun with me and my alpha cock. 

She wanted more, she wanted to see my soul through my eyes as she had fun, and I couldn’t wait! Other than being very hot, and curvy, it turned out that one more trait of hers was that she was very creative when it came to fiving pleasure. She went on ahead to put massage oil on my cock and massaged it with her feet. If you have ever had a cock massage then you probably know what that feeling is like. Now trust me when I say that when this woman did it, it felt like I was having it done on me for the very first time. Her feet were smooth, not too smooth though. Enough to make you feel like you were being gripped by pleasure itself. I would have wanted to ask question on why she was so good at doing it but I let her take control. She did it with such finesse, almost as though she has a pair of hands hidden somewhere in those feet. I felt as though I was experiencing all my senses through my cock. She made me feel as though I could live without food or water for months and I would only survive with massage oil and her feet on my dick. The feeling was incredible! I’ve had lots of sexual encounters since, and nothings hit the spot like that trust me. 

Now after sexual encounters I’m not the kind of person that will look forward to meeting the same person again, well unless you are really something special. In this case, however, I just had to meet this woman again. My excuse was probably to see if she was really that good, but deep down I knew I wanted to see her again because I was certain she was that good. In my shy and nervous excitement, I had to see her again, I gave her my number. The excitement in her sexy face only served to feed my ego as I was certain she wanted to see my dick again as much as I wanted to see her. Days passed and I could not stop reliving the experience with the hot Hispanic woman. It’s almost as though I could feel her days after our experience. That’s right, days. It turns out that, days after we met her touching my cock was not the only thing I was yarning for. I wanted to her to get in touch with me but didn’t hear from her, I should have asked for her number! It’s funny how we only regret thing after we can’t do anything about it. Added days were the price I had to pay for not asking for her number, and it was a torture not just for me but for my cock as well. 

After days of sexual encounter with other women trying to forget my Hispanic woman I finally made peace with the fact that I might just never see her again. It was a sad truth to carry with me but I was not being presented with many alternatives. I woke up on a random day thinking about her. I however almost convinced myself that I would not see her again so I decided to take a walk and kill the thought of her. My walking without aim led me to a supermarket in my neighborhood and why not grab some things, I thought to myself. I was not decided on what exactly I wanted to buy so I was just walking aimlessly cursing whoever was playing love songs in the supermarket radio system. Now, you ever experience something and think wow! This should have been in a movie. Almost as though fate had decided to be kind to my cock, I saw her only a few footsteps from where I stood. That’s right, the Hispanic woman that I wouldn’t get over was right there. 

On a normal day I would approach casually to create the impression that it did not mean that much to me. It’s a man’s thing to not want to look desperate. On this particular day, however, I could care less what she thought. I had waited for this day too long to dare act calm. She was right in front of me shopping. Almost as though my cock propelled me towards her, I paced to where she was. I was so excited to say the least. She was too. Only that she also seemed tense. She was here shopping, not for herself, but for her boss, a boss who, according to her was not too far from where we stood. I couldn’t really care less who her boss was at this moment. There was no way I was walking away without getting that number. She got more tensed insisting she would give me the number as long as we could only move a bit further away from her boss. All that was running through my mind as she spoke was how I wanted nothing more than to be alone, and naked with her. She pulled my hand to lead me away pointing towards her boss who was walking towards where we were. 

I barely paid attention to who she was pointing to but my eyes couldn’t help themselves. Holly Shit! Of all the ways my story with her could have unfolded. It turned out that the so cold boss that effortlessly gave her cold feet was someone that would mourn while calling me “The Boss”. That’s right, someone I knew way too well. So much so that she was my ex-girlfriend. Wow! What a turn of events. Now there are so many ways in which this could have unfolded. I could have gone ahead and told her that she worked for my ex. Now the biggest thing I have after my cock is my brain. I knew that telling her that would have probably pushed her away and I didn’t want that. Confronting my ex didn’t seem like a better option cause I could only have gotten two things out of it; she fired, and a headache. I settled for getting her number and contacting her when her “boss” would not be a problem. Turns out she had missed me even more. It’s safe to say my cock walked out of that supermarket happier than I did, but one thing was certain, the author of my story with this curvy Hispanic woman was not done. She and I would see each other again. The experience will be nothing short of amazing!!



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